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Report your shark sightings and learn more about sharks and how to tell them apart from one another.

Shark Identification Shark Identification

While as many as twenty species of shark are known to inhabit the western North Atlantic waters, little is known about their distribution, movements or occurrence. Even less is known about the threats they face. Individual sharks (i.e. basking and white sharks) can be identified from photographs of their dorsal fins. This technique is called […]

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Globally, sharks are becoming increasingly recognized as species of conservation concern. Threats to sharks in Northwest Atlantic include: bycatch and entanglement in fisheries equipment and, in the case of Basking Sharks, vessel strikes. To learn more about sharks in the Northwest Atlantic, the Shark Identification Network needs your help and contribution to:     (1) Basking Shark […]

Report a Sighting Report a Sighting

Not sure how to report your sighting? Not to worry! It’s as easy as one, two, three, FOUR! Just follow our simple steps: (1) Scroll down this page. Review the sightings entry form and enter as much information about your sighting as possible. Don’t be shy, more is definitely better! (2) Upload any photos and/or […]

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14 September

SIN joins forces with SON

Last year, we sat down with Jeffrey Gallant to talk about how we could collaborate on our respective goals of shark conservation. Jeffery is a shark researcher based in Quebec who studies the movement and behaviour of Greenland sharks and the president and scientific director of the Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG). GEERG’s […]

4 September

Everything’s coming up basking sharks

It has been a great summer for basking shark sightings. From Newfoundland to Cape Cod, these gentle giants have been popping up everywhere. Somehow, we missed telling you about the very first sighting–or should we say sightings–we had this year. On May 20, the officers, crew and researchers on board the CCGS Hudson saw SIX […]

27 August

Bread and cheese

A basking shark was sighted by Deb Young feeding in Bread and Cheese…..Cove, that is.  Deb snapped photographs of the basking shark feeding at the surface at the mouth of Bread and Cheese Cove, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland on August 19. Check out her great shots!


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