Although rare, Canadian waters represent the northernmost habitat of the “great” white shark.

The white shark is the large predatory fish on our planet. It can be found from tropical to cool temperate waters, yet we still know very little about these magnificent animals. In the Northwest Atlantic, tracking white shark movement is still in its infancy, and more research is needed to better understand migration patterns. That’s why we need your help!

We are looking for any and all sightings of white sharks in Canadian waters!

White shark sightings can be historical or recent – we want them all! Sightings from all walks of life are encouraged. Whether you were fishing, diving or anything else, if you’ve seen a white shark tell your story to us. The more information that we receive will help researcher across the Atlantic better understand habitat use and movement of these animals.

Be sure to submit your photos and video (if you have them) with your sighting!

To report your white shark sighting, fill out our form online or email us directly at sharkidnetwork@gmail.com.


Confirmed Sightings of White Sharks in Atlantic Canadian Waters


PEIshark1983 - shawn trepanier

Alberton, Prince Edward Island – 1983
Total Length: 17 feet
Sighting Type: Bycatch

More sightings coming soon!


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