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Last year, we sat down with Jeffrey Gallant to talk about how we could collaborate on our respective goals of shark conservation. Jeffery is a shark researcher based in Quebec who studies the movement and behaviour of Greenland sharks and the president and scientific director of the Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG). GEERG’s mission is to study Greenland sharks and other northern species to better understand the ecology of sharks, skates and rays and to promote shark conservation, awareness and best fishing practices.

Greenland Shark

Greenland Shark

The team at GEERG also maintain a GLOBAL shark sighting database through the Shark Observation Network (SON).  SON encourages marine users from all over the world to submit shark sightings to better understand the global distribution of sharks. We, the Shark ID Network, focus mainly on shark sightings in the western North Atlantic, from the Gulf of Maine up to Newfoundland, but we thought what better way to contribute to GLOBAL shark conservation then to share our sighting database with Jeffrey Gallant and the Shark Observation Network. In this way, we can continue to focus our efforts on the east coast but contribute to the larger picture of shark conservation. We’re very excited about this partnership!!!!

Over the next while, we’ll input our sightings into their database. You can have a look and explore their map of shark sightings reported from all over the world here. To keep things consistent, we have changed the shark sightings map at the bottom of our website page to be in the same format as the one used by the Shark Observation Network. This map will only show those sightings submitted to us, the Shark ID Network. Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice the the number of sightings on our map increase, as we upload our sightings to SON. Please check back often!

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