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Our Science Horizon intern, Lisa Hoogenboom, has been working hard on our Basking Shark Photo ID Catalogue. She just finished cataloguing all our existing basking shark photos that were taken from 1992 to 2012 by researchers and whale watches in the Bay of Fundy. Most of the photos in the catalogue are from the last few years (nearly 50% of the catalogue consists of photos from this year). She’s now going through the catalogue in detail to see if there are any matches.

Here is a match she discovered the other day:

Two photographs of the same individual shark. The photograph on the left (A) has been horizontally flipped to make comparisons easier

The photograph of the left (A) is further out of the water and the shark is at a slightly different angle. This makes the shapes of the dorsal fins appear to be different. However, you can clearly see that the small nicks match between the two dorsal fins.

Check it out:

Two photographs of the same shark taken in different years. The photograph on the left (A) has been flipped horizontally to make comparisons easier.

What makes this match VERY EXCITING is that this shark was seen THREE years apart! The photograph on the left (A) was taken August 07, 2008 and the photograph on the right (B) was taken September 9, 2011.

This suggests that the same sharks might return to the Bay of Fundy every summer.

Stay tuned for more updates on our photo ID catalogue….

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