22 August

Species checklist

Basking shark? Check. Porbeagle? Check. White shark? Check. It seems that Quoddy Link Marine is determined to see all the species of large sharks that frequent the Bay of Fundy this summer and they’re already half way there! On July 23, passengers on board their whale watch vessel got the sighting of a lifetime: a […]

19 August

Early shark gets the copepod

The first shark of the 2014 season was reported by Bob Found in Indian Harbour, NS. From the deck of his home,  he watched a basking shark swimming back and forth in Cliff Cove (close to Garrison Rocks) for about 2 hours! In the five years since him and his wife have lived there, this […]

15 August

2014 Shark Shenanigans

2014 Shark Shenanigans

It’s been awhile since our last post, as the summer has been keeping us busy with all things shark. This year, the right whales are back in the Bay of Fundy, so it’s no surprise that there have been a lot of huge basking sharks around too, which are keeping researchers at the Grand Manan […]

29 May

Join us for Oceans Day in St. John’s!

The Shark Identification Network is heading to Newfoundland–well, parts of it anyways–on June 3rd to start speaking with whale watch operators, fishing charters and others that spend their time on the water, about SIN. We’ll be starting in Twillingate, heading to Lewisporte, visiting Trinity, Witless Bay, St. John’s, Conception Bay, Carbonear and Dildo. It’s going […]

23 May

Is it white or basking?

Last week, we urged anyone that has seen a White shark in Canadian waters to please report it to the Shark Identification Network. Researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who are tagging White sharks off Cape Cod are trying to collect as many White shark sightings in Canadian waters as possible, to help them […]

16 May

The Great White North

  Hollywood’s “Jaws” did the White Shark no favours–portraying this species as a man-eating monster, resulting in widespread fear of not just White sharks, but many other shark species as well. But the White shark is slowly shaking its bad reputation, as more people begin to appreciate the fascinating ecology and conservation issues surrounding this […]

9 May

Deep Blue

We were just recently sent some great photos of a blue shark that was sighted at the platform for Encana Corporation’s Deep Panuke natural gas field offshore Nova Scotia on August 31, 2011.  The Deep Panuke platform is off Sable Island, about 250km southeast of Halifax. Check out one of the photos below. Last summer, with […]

2 May

Newfoundland, here we come!

It took us a while to thaw after the crazy winter we just had, but with the promise of spring, comes the promise of sharks. This summer, we’ll be expanding the Shark Identification Network (SIN) to Newfoundland! Starting in June on the Avalon peninsula, we’ll be visiting whale watch operators and other marine users to […]

16 December

What basking sharks like

Basking sharks frequent the Bay of Fundy from May to November, although your best chance of spotting one is in August and September. Despite being common in these months, there are some areas of the Bay where you are far more likely to see a basking shark than others. What makes good basking shark habitat?? […]

2 December

One shark, two shark, three shark, four

On September 11, 2009 and 2011, researchers from the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station conducted aerial surveys for basking sharks in the Bay of Fundy to estimate the abundance of basking sharks in this area. Three researchers conducted the surveys, from a small plane (Cesna 337) flying at 1000 feet at 110 knots. Each […]


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