19 August

Banner Day in the Bay!

The Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station (GMWSRS) had an epic day on the water today. After many frustrating days waiting for the fog to clear, researchers at the GMWSRS finally caught a break. Glass calm seas and good visibility resulted in 16 shark sightings today! All of them were basking sharks! We also saw […]

15 August

Shark Facts Part 1: The Basking Shark

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be posting information about the different shark species you can find in the Bay of Fundy. First up: basking sharks Basking sharks are the second largest shark (whale sharks are larger) reaching lengths of 12.2 m but the average size is 6 to 8 m. See how a […]

13 July

Bay of Fundy Sharks

The Bay of Fundy is found on the East coast of North America, between the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It has the biggest tides in the world! At least seven species of sharks frequent the Bay: Shortfin Mako, Blue Shark, Porbeagle, Spiny Dogfish, Thresher Shark, White Shark and the second largest fish […]


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