Bay of Fundy Sharks

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The Bay of Fundy is found on the East coast of North America, between the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It has the biggest tides in the world!

Bay of Fundy

Basking Shark

At least seven species of sharks frequent the Bay: Shortfin Mako, Blue Shark, Porbeagle, Spiny Dogfish, Thresher Shark, White Shark and the second largest fish in the world, the Basking shark! Some of these sharks, like the White Shark, are occasional visitors to the Bay. However, the Basking Shark is a summer resident and can be spotted in the Bay from July to October!

In Atlantic Canada, the largest threats to sharks are bycatch and entanglement in fisheries and, in the case of Basking Sharks, vessel strikes (due to large amounts of time spent at the surface). Very little is known about shark distribution or frequency of occurrence in the Bay and even less so about the threats they face. The Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station is taking initiatives to improve our understanding of sharks in the Bay of Fundy, and you can help!

This blog will be dedicated to posting information about sharks in the Bay of Fundy, highlighting some of the shark research that the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station is conducting and will also post the shark sightings that Bay of Fundy users have submitted.

Check back often to learn more about sharks in the Bay of Fundy!!

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