27 November

Shark Facts Part VI: Greenland Shark

Yesterday, we told you about a stranded Greenland shark that was rescued by two men after biting off more than it could chew. Although very little is known about Greenland sharks, today, we’re going to tell you what we do know about this fascinating animal! The Greenland shark is conical in shape, with a thick […]

26 November

Sharks in the news

The fall has been busy, as we start cataloguing our 2013 basking shark photos and updating our shark sighting database. This means that there is going to be lots of new and interesting things for us to talk about over the next few months, so stay tuned. While we have been glued to our laptops, […]

7 October

Go south, young man

The summer field season in the Bay of Fundy has wrapped up for another year. Researchers at the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station and the New England Aquarium are heading home and it seems that many of the critters in the Bay of Fundy are also heading south. But now that field work […]

30 September

We’re seeing white

White sharks, that is! Seems there is at least one white shark in the Bay of Fundy this year. On August 6,  Ken Ingersoll was at Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island and witnessed a white shark lunge up from the water and grab an unsuspecting seal swimming around!  Talk about being in the right […]

13 September

Stop and smell the roses

Or, if you are at sea, stop and watch sharks in Roseway Basin. That’s what researchers with the Canadian Whale Institute did while out surveying for right whales in Roseway Basin in August. Well, okay, they did not stop and watch sharks because they were busy looking for right whales. But when they did see […]

8 September

Tough call!

The summer has kept us busy spreading the word about SIN, adding shark sightings from keen observers to our database, as well as new photographs of basking sharks to our photo ID catalogue. This has meant we’ve neglected our blog the last month…but we have lots of exciting posts to share in the coming weeks, […]

25 July


We’re adding a new species to our sightings database: the porbeagle! Jon Southard spotted a porbeagle between White Horse Island and Adams Island, in the Bay of Fundy on July 6, 2013. Check out the great photograph he took of it, as it swam beside his boat. You can clearly see the distinct white patch […]

19 July

Welcome to our new home!

For those of you new to SIN, welcome to our blog! For those of you already following us at fundysharks.wordpress.com don’t panic! You have been automatically re-directed to our new home. All new posts about sightings in the Bay of Fundy AND the western North Atlantic (from the Gulf of Maine to waters off Newfoundland) […]

7 July

It’s a tie!

Earlier this morning, I posted a photograph of the first basking shark sighted in the Bay of Fundy for the year. Well, I just it turns out that some passengers on the ferry from Black’s Harbour to Grand Manan ALSO saw a basking shark that same day, between Grand Manan and the Wolves. Around 2:30pm, […]

7 July

Back in the Bay

Let the 2013 season begin! The first basking shark of the year (for the Bay of Fundy) was sighted the other day (July 3) by Laurie Murison, on board the Elsie Minota. We haven’t had a chance to compare this individual to the others in our photo ID catalogue, but in the meantime, have a […]


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