27 August

Bread and cheese

A basking shark was sighted by Deb Young feeding in Bread and Cheese…..Cove, that is.  Deb snapped photographs of the basking shark feeding at the surface at the mouth of Bread and Cheese Cove, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland on August 19. Check out her great shots!

23 August

Basking in the Bay of Fundy in August

It has been smoking hot in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this past week and many people have taken any opportunity possible to spend some time in the water to cool off! Basking sharks also seem to be lounging around at the surface of the water in the Bay of Fundy. We’ve had 4 more […]

7 August

A fine feast for a blue shark

Dr. Hilary Moors-Murphy was conducting research on board the NOAA Research vessel Henry B. Bigelow and on June 14, they passed by a dead pilot whale off George’s Bank. And there was something else swimming around the pilot whale, thinking they’d hit the jackpot: a blue shark! Check out her wicked photos below!

3 August

Basking in the Bay

Basking sharks appear to be popping up everywhere in the Bay of Fundy this year. On July 1, Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises snapped a great photograph of this basking shark with a very distinct dorsal fin. Since the end of June, Laurie Murison has spotted 5 basking sharks! Two of these were breaching, one was at […]


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