28 August

Hammer Time

That’s right, we’re going to break it down. We had a really interesting shark sighting reported that had us stumped for a few days. Michael Greenan sent us some photographs of a shark he saw from a beach in South Carolina on August 15, 2014. The shark appeared to be searching for food and he […]

22 August

Species checklist

Basking shark? Check. Porbeagle? Check. White shark? Check. It seems that Quoddy Link Marine is determined to see all the species of large sharks that frequent the Bay of Fundy this summer and they’re already half way there! On July 23, passengers on board their whale watch vessel got the sighting of a lifetime: a […]

19 August

Early shark gets the copepod

The first shark of the 2014 season was reported by Bob Found in Indian Harbour, NS. From the deck of his home,  he watched a basking shark swimming back and forth in Cliff Cove (close to Garrison Rocks) for about 2 hours! In the five years since him and his wife have lived there, this […]

15 August

2014 Shark Shenanigans

2014 Shark Shenanigans

It’s been awhile since our last post, as the summer has been keeping us busy with all things shark. This year, the right whales are back in the Bay of Fundy, so it’s no surprise that there have been a lot of huge basking sharks around too, which are keeping researchers at the Grand Manan […]


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