30 September

We’re seeing white

White sharks, that is! Seems there is at least one white shark in the Bay of Fundy this year. On August 6,  Ken Ingersoll was at Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island and witnessed a white shark lunge up from the water and grab an unsuspecting seal swimming around!  Talk about being in the right […]

13 September

Stop and smell the roses

Or, if you are at sea, stop and watch sharks in Roseway Basin. That’s what researchers with the Canadian Whale Institute did while out surveying for right whales in Roseway Basin in August. Well, okay, they did not stop and watch sharks because they were busy looking for right whales. But when they did see […]

8 September

Tough call!

The summer has kept us busy spreading the word about SIN, adding shark sightings from keen observers to our database, as well as new photographs of basking sharks to our photo ID catalogue. This has meant we’ve neglected our blog the last month…but we have lots of exciting posts to share in the coming weeks, […]


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