28 October


Our Science Horizon intern, Lisa Hoogenboom, has been working hard on our Basking Shark Photo ID Catalogue. She just finished cataloguing all our existing basking shark photos that were taken from 1992 to 2012 by researchers and whale watches in the Bay of Fundy. Most of the photos in the catalogue are from the last […]

21 October

Shark Facts Part IV: The White Shark

The 1975 Hollywood blockbuster, “Jaws”, successfully demonized white sharks as man-eating monsters. However, unless you’re a seal, the chances of you becoming a white shark snack are very low. White sharks have one of the largest ranges of any fish, inhabitating coastal and offshore waters in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Canadian Atlantic waters […]

13 October

Eagle eyes

Nothing escapes the eagle eyes of Laurie Murison, executive director of the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station. During the summer, Laurie is the biologist on board the Elsie Menota- the whale watch sailing yacht for Whales-n-Sails Adventures. From whales, dolphins, porpoises, seabirds, ocean sunfish, sharks and blue-fin tuna, Laurie sees it all–and records […]

5 October

All tied up?

One of the largest threats to basking sharks is vessel strikes. We recently posted a photograph of a shark that had evidence of propeller damage. On August 19, 2012 the New England Aquarium spotted a basking shark with a very unusual dorsal fin. At first, we thought it might have suffered propeller damage in the […]


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