30 September

It’s a match!

Our Science Horizon intern, Lisa Hoogenboom, has been busy cataloguing all our basking shark photos and looking for matches. One distant photograph of a shark taken by the New England Aquarium looks to be a match to an individual in our catalogue. We tagged this shark with a satellite tag (see here for more details on […]

26 September

Shark Facts Part III: The thresher

The thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus) is easily recognized by its large upper caudal fin, which can often be more than half of the total length of its body! Thresher sharks are strong swimmers and with the help of their powerful tail, they can breach clear out of the water. There is evidence that thresher sharks use […]

23 September

We get by with a little help from our friends

Our basking shark photo ID catalogue may be in its early stages, but luckily, we are getting help from some experts: researchers from the New England Aquarium (NEA)! The NEA has the longest-running and most comprehensive North Atlantic right whale research and conservation program in the world. Every summer, researchers from the NEA conduct research […]

10 September

To Bermuda….and back?

As mentioned in a previous post, researchers at the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station have been deploying satellite tags on basking sharks in the Bay of Fundy to study their migration. The data that the tags collect include position (lat/long) and depth. These satellite tags are a pop-up archival tag that pop off […]

9 September


Here’s another reasons to raise a glass to Nova Scotians. Researchers at the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station study sharks off Grand Manan, especially in the Grand Manan Basin (an area protected as critical habitat for the North Atlantic right whale). We don’t often venture over to the Nova Scotia side of the […]

8 September

All eyes on deck!

Over the last couple of months, we’ve received shark sightings and photos from naturalists and captains working on board whale watch boats, their passengers and sightings from other researchers working in the Bay of Fundy. Over the next week, I will be posting about what sharks other people have seen in the bay. THE EARLY […]

3 September

Shark Facts Part II: Singing the BLUES

The blue shark (Prionace glauca) is the most common species of sharks found in Canadian waters, however it is not frequently encountered in the Bay of Fundy. However, this year, there have been several blue shark sightings in the Bay. Researchers at the Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station have sighted blue sharks 5 […]


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